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Workers’ compensation laws were established to provide monetary awards for employees who are hurt on the job. This makes it easier for employees to receive compensation and eliminates the need to file a lawsuit. Employers also have a lower risk of financial loss because many states restrict the amount that an employee can receive from their employer. These benefits are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Most states require employers to have some type of workers’ compensation insurance as a form of protection for their employees. Workers’ compensation insurance does not include health insurance. It covers injuries that are sustained while working, on the job or at home.

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  • Lawsuit Protection protects against lawsuits arising from workplace accidents.
  • Health Care coverage pays for medical bills of injured employees.
  • Compensation for Loss Income compensates an employee who is injured for their lost wages.

Every state has its own laws regarding the amount and length of lost income benefits, medical and rehabilitation services, as well as how the system is managed.

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