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About Vivian: Your Trusted Insurance Partner

Vivian brings a unique blend of culinary expertise, family values, and a warm, approachable demeanor to the table. As your insurance agent partner, Vivian is not just here to sell policies; she’s committed to understanding your needs, offering solutions, and ensuring a seamless experience.

Born in Colombia, Vivian arrived in the United States at the age of 17 and completed her high school education in Colombia. With a background in Culinary Ars and Culinary Management, Vivian is not only a licensed insurance professional but also a master home cook who enjoys both cooking and baking. Her culinary skills bring a creative touch to her approach, making every interaction a delightful experience.

Vivian is a happy wife to her husband Cristian and a proud mother of two girls, aged 9 and 8, both born in the United States. Family time is a priority, and you’ll often find them hiking mountains in Asheville and Gatlinburg. Additionally, Vivian cherishes her Colombian roots and regularly visits Bogotá to connect with her friends and loved ones.

Balancing work and life seamlessly, Vivian successfully ran a home daycare for seven years. Her commitment to safety extends beyond insurance—she is CPR certified, ensuring a secure environment for the children she cares for. She believes in a warm, nurturing environment both at home and in her professional life. This dedication extends to her role as a wife, where she, along with her family, actively participates in volunteer activities and cooking together.

Vivian takes her commitment to clients seriously. As an licensed insurance agent producer, she plays a crucial role in onboarding, managing the insurance platform, and assisting clients. Whether it’s as an Agent Producer or guiding clients to find the best solutions for their individual circumstances, Vivian is dedicated to providing the support and information you need.

Currently residing in Charlotte, Vivian brings a welcoming approach to her work. Her friendly demeanor is not just a professional quality; it’s a reflection of her genuine desire to assist and make the insurance experience comfortable and straightforward.

Vivian’s commitment to family and community extends to her volunteering work with childcare during her free time. She believes in making a positive impact beyond the realm of insurance, contributing to the well-being of children and families in her community.

Connect with Vivian for a personalized, warm, and expert approach to insurance that goes beyond policies. Discover the difference that a caring insurance partner like Vivian can make in your life. Contact her today for a consultation tailored to your unique needs.

Vivian Rodriguez
Vivian Rodriguez
Licensed Producer