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It’s not fun to imagine the worst case scenario, but it is important to consider all options and to take steps to ensure financial security. Personal umbrella policies offer additional coverage for unforeseeable accidents that go beyond the coverage provided by other types of insurance, such as auto or home policies. Even though it may seem impossible to imagine what the future holds, those with a normal lifestyle know that unfortunate events can occur and could cause severe financial damage. Personal umbrella policies are an affordable way to manage these risks. They also provide peace of mind by ensuring that you are adequately prepared.

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Umbrella insurance is a type of blanket policy that provides additional liability coverage in addition to your existing policy coverage.

  • Property Loss which exceeds the coverage provided by other personal insurance policies.
  • Bodily Injuries coverage covers extensive medical bills and income loss claims for those who are hurt in an accident.
  • Legal Fees such as lawyer and processing costs required to defend yourself if you are sued.
  • False Arrest or Slander coverage covers legal fees to protect the insured and help them regain their reputation in case they are falsely charged or are victims of damaging slander.

Standard insurance policies offer valuable protection. In the event of an expensive accident, you could still be financially responsible for more than what your auto or home policy covers. Let’s say that a fire breaks out in a home and spreads to the neighbor’s properties. The homeowner’s home insurance policy that was used to cover the fire may not have enough coverage to cover the damage to both properties. The owner would be able to save money by having an umbrella policy.

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