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Insurance for homeowners is an important way to protect your home and property. Mortgage lenders often require homeowners insurance in order to finance a home. Owners also need coverage to manage the risks associated with large and significant investments. Insurance policies provide financial assistance for costly repairs that are required due to fire, severe weather, sudden burst pipes or theft. If property is damaged or lost, they will replace the homeowner’s belongings.

There are many types of homeowner insurance options available, including for primary and secondary residences as well as mobile homes and coastal properties. Legion Agency provides a variety of home insurance products that are backed by top-performing companies. Our team can help you determine your coverage requirements, compare rates and explain all options. Our clients also receive long-term support, such as assistance with claims, policy changes, account maintenance, and ongoing account maintenance.

  • Dwellings coverage insures your house against fire, theft and other types of sustained damage.
  • Personal property insurance replaces your possessions such as clothing and furnishings.
  • Other Structures Coverage Pays for repairs to items such as storage sheds and fences, detached garages and swimming pools.
  • Hail and Wind coverage protects your house from hail and wind damage. Some homeowners policies do not include hail and wind coverage. We would recommend that you purchase wind and hail coverage separately or a product with wind and hail to protect your home.
  • Liability coverage is an element of your policy that helps protect you against accident-related expenses like medical bills, settlements and legal fees. This is in the event someone is hurt at your house, or if there is property damage or third-party harm. Most policies cover both at-fault errors that occur on or off your property.
  • Loss-of-use insurance pays for your hotel and meals until you can move back to your home after a devastating event.
  • These formulas can be used to calculate and insure a total home loss, if the damage is beyond repair.

You can extend your homeowners policy to include tailored insurance coverage for items such as fine jewelry, heirlooms, or art collections. A personal umbrella policy, which can provide additional liability coverage, is also an option.

Flood insurance does not come with most homeowners’ insurance policies. Flood coverage should be considered by every homeowner, regardless of the location or likelihood that their home will flood. Flood damage can occur anywhere and anytime, including from heavy precipitation, storm surges, or overflows. FEMA estimates that more than 20% flood insurance claims are made from areas other than high-risk. We believe that flood insurance coverage is worthwhile to protect against the possibility of unexpected, costly flood losses.

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