Commercial Insurance

Getting commercial insurance in North Carolina to protect your business is a great idea. Not only are you protecting your enterprise, but yourself as well. Starting a business comes with several risks, like owning a home or another considerable investment. Purchasing the right coverage will protect your company from harm and give you peace of mind. The team at Legion Agency LLC takes you through your insurance coverage options.

Commercial Auto Insurance

You can’t afford not to carry insurance when you have a company car. This coverage will cover the expenses arising from an auto accident if you or one of your employees is involved in an accident while using a vehicle. The policy will pay for medical expenses and property damage. For instance, if you hit a pedestrian and they need to go to the hospital, your insurance will pay the medical bills.

Commercial Property Insurance

This coverage can help protect your commercial property from various losses such as fire, burglary, wind, theft, and lightning. Under this policy, you can insure company property such as computers, furniture, equipment, and the building you use for business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Get this type of policy to help your workers recover faster from work-related illnesses and injuries so they can return to work. Aside from covering employees’ medical expenses, it also includes liability coverage. The policy will cover the legal fees if an employee sues your business because of injuries.

Business Income Insurance

If your business is exposed to a covered risk and you have to shut down temporarily, you’ll lose income. This coverage helps your business replace that lost income, preventing you from suffering a substantial financial loss.

Allow our team of experts at Legion Agency LLC to help protect your business in North Carolina. We will walk you through the various types of commercial insurance coverage and help you choose the one that suits your needs.